Barbara Nies is a full-time freelance illustrator and painter specialising in editorial portraits. Born in Milwakee, Wisconsin and lives in the Netherlands with her cat Mouse.

 I want to understand the world around me. I do that by listening and making things.

In the last few years I have been following the reactions of politicians and observing their decisions that influence our lives. I listen and read, then I draw. Then I understand much better what the hell is going on. I am particularly interested in making political portraits because these faces can tell us so much about their interior dialogue which effects us all as we go through the biggest changes of this century.

 I am also an animal lover, vegetarian and  illustrate fashion and children’s books.

Influences in my early creative life were the children’s book writers Joan Walsh Anglund, Maurice Sendak, and Antoine De Saint-Exupéry to name a few. I am available for editorial drawings and paintings, fashion illustrations and children’s book illustrations. For inquiries feel free to send an email to